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Industry-leading system supplier VEKA plc is renowned for its unrivalled customer support, especially with its technical assistance and marketing packages. The forward-thinking company is now assisting customers even further with free homeowner sales leads on composite doors.


The high-spec VEKA Composite Door System has undergone a series of updates since its launch and thanks to continued investment from VEKA it has become increasingly popular with homeowners, specifiers and housing associations alike.


VEKA's Composite Door Manager Pat Parry explains what sets the VEKA door ahead from its competitors, and the benefits if offers to suppliers: “The VEKA Composite Door System has benefited from significant ongoing investment which has resulted in it gaining the coveted Secured by Design accreditation early in 2010, which significantly boosted demand in the social housing sector.


“Recently we have announced a range of updates including; Rosewood or Golden Oak foils on both sides on selected styles - so homeowners are not limited to a traditional white interior, we can also offer bespoke styles and a new range of glass options, a new edgeband with a grained finish and the optional Yale Electronic Door Viewer.


“Being able to offer the Yale Electronic Door Viewer should provide our customers with a particularly effective sales tool because it offers a different kind of reassurance. The security features built in to our composite door system provide a formidable barrier against intruders when the door is closed and locked, but the Yale viewer also allows homeowners to see clearly who is outside before the door is opened. The viewing screen provides large, clear images of any visitor - up to ten times bigger than traditional spyholes and with none of the distortion.


“In a continuing effort to support our customers, VEKA has developed a unique web-based lead generation programme which has more than proved its worth, even at this early stage. We are extremely pleased with it, because it offers real, measurable results for our customers completely free of charge. August saw a record number of homeowner leads distributed to our customers and more than 1000 leads have been passed out to date, once again proving VEKA's unrelenting commitment to client satisfaction.”


Thinking about the October changes in Building Regulations?

Every style within the wide range of VEKA Composite Doors can achieve a U value of 1.6 in accordance with the recently announced changes to Building Regulations, with many styles achieving an impressive U value of just 1.0. Individual U value certificates are supplied with every door - detailing that specific combination of door style and glazing.


New literature is available to promote and explain the many recent enhancements to the system and includes the specific U value calculations for each style.

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